Classic Fantasy Music Pack

Music and Sound

Embark on an epic journey with the classic sounds inspired by your favorite RPGs.

Games we grew up with often hold a special place in our hearts, and hearing the familiar melodies takes us back to a happy place.

Created by Murray Atkinson, Classic Fantasy Music Pack contains a variety of songs and sound effects that will find a home in any fantasy-based game. Inspired heavily by the favorite retro and vintage 90s RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Zelda, this pack is a familiar trip down memory lane.

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  • 16 BGM tracks suitable for dungeons, character themes, town themes and more.
  • Inspired by classic RPG games.
  • Created with vintage 90s-era orchestral, medieval, synthesizer sounds
  • .wav, .ogg, and .mp3 formats included.
  • Royalty free music to use in your commercial and non-commercial RPG Maker projects.
  • Exclusive store Bonus!: 29 unique 8-bit sound effects, including level up, success and fail effects

EULA Licensing:

  • For use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice
  • OK for use in commercial projects
  • OK to edit content
  • OK for use in games with gore
  • OK for use in games with adult situations

Classic Fantasy Music Pack

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