8-Bit Perfect Collection

Music and Sound

8-Bit Perfect Collection

Travel back to the good ol' days with the retro-inspired 8-bit Perfect Collection music pack!

8-Bit Perfect Collection

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV RPG Maker VX-Ace

Whether you're a new fan of the rad minimalist style or a seasoned gamer looking for that perfect nostalgic piece, 8-bit Perfect Collection is a music pack you need.

This large audio experience includes a variety of melodies and sounds that are perfectly at home in any retro project. With updated .ogg and .m4a formats, you can bring the electronic midi feel to any game.


  • 42 BGM themes for a variety of settings.
  • 4 BGS/ME melodies for winning battles or hitting the dreaded game-over screen.
  • 63 iconic sound effects, including enemy and magic animations.
  • OGG and .M4A formats
  • Bonus: 4 character sprites in the retro style of Time Fantasy, complete with poses.

Please note that our graphic and music packs are licensed for use in RPG Maker only!

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8-Bit Perfect Collection

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