Acoustic Music by Dr. B.A. Ferguson

Music and Sound

Shift the whole mood of your game’s towns and dungeons with the incredible twang of the Acoustic Music by Dr. B.A. Ferguson pack!

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Dr. B. A. Ferguson is back with another BGM pack, this time focusing on acoustic guitar tracks! 17 new songs offer up skilled guitar solos that were recorded live to give your scenes and maps the authentic sound of strummed and plucked strings!

Each track comes in M4a and Ogg file formats so you can drop them right into your MV or MZ projects and enjoy the guitar music instantly. Pick up the Acoustic Music by Dr. B.A. Ferguson pack today and give your players some soothing guitar tracks to enjoy while wandering towns and concerning twangs when facing someone in a duel at high noon!


* 17 BGM in m4a and ogg file formats 

Terms of Use:

This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
OK to be used in Commercial projects
Contents can be edited
OK for use in games with gore
OK for use in adult-rated games

Acoustic Music by Dr. B.A. Ferguson

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