Animations Collection 4 - Nocturne


Animations Collection IV: Nocturne mixes the themes of darkness and music together to create a visual spectacle that will make lasting impressions on your audience!

For the ambitious creators looking to go beyond swords and magic or lasers and explosions, look no further. The fourth entry of Animations Collection offers an ensemble of special effects that will invigorate and inspire your imagination.

Animations Collection 4: Nocturne offers a mix of casting, skill, and full-screen animations that revolves around the themes of darkness and music. Whether it’s to expand your bards’ repertoire or renew your antagonists’ arsenal, these 26 exquisite animations will allow you to push the creative boundaries of your games.

Don’t settle with clichés, look beyond the ordinary; treat your players to an unforgettable visual spectacle!

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  • 8 casting animations
  • 14 skill animations
  • 4 full-screen skill animations. (Plus 1 bonus variant)
  • 60 FPS and 30 FPS versions of each animation, for a total of 54 animation sheets.
  • Includes Demo Project (RPG Maker MV only) for easy copy/paste implementation into your project right out of the box.**It is highly recommended to use a plugin to change the Animation Framerate of your project for best results
  • How to use manual included
  • Check out the Animations Collection series here→ Animations Collection I: Quintessence, Animations Collection II: Quantum and Animations Collection III: Thaumaturgy
  • This pack is for use in RPG Makers, Visual Novel games or the engine of your choice!

Animations Collection 4 - Nocturne
Animations Collection 4 - Nocturne
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