Blood Animations Pack

Do you need blood slashes, blood explosions, blood beams, blood healing magic, projectiles and impacts? Look no further, this pack contains everything you need!

Lots of 2D and 3D effects with hand-drawn textures for a more 'anime' feel!
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20 complete animations:
  • Blood Bomb
  • Blood Beam
  • Blood Casts
  • Multiple target animations: Blood Dimensions, Blood Explosion, Blood Field
  • Blood Heal
  • Physical attacks: Blood Impact, Blood Attack, Blood Spear, Blood Saw
  • Magical attacks: Blood Tornados

8 parts (Pieces of long animations):
  • Blood Beam: 2 pieces: Charge animation & Beam only animation
  • Explosions of Blood Bomb
  • Projectile piece & Impact piece from Blood Projectile

*** All animations are Effekseer animations specifically for use with MZ, this pack is not compatible with VX Ace or MV ***

Also contains a sample project to help you get going!

Terms of Use:
  • This pack is for use in RPG Maker MZ or the engine of your choice.
  • OK to be used in Commercial projects
  • Contents can be edited
  • OK for use in games with gore
  • OK for use in adult-rated games

Blood Animations Pack
Blood Animations Pack
Blood Animations Pack
Blood Animations Pack

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