CyberCity R&D Tiles


Whether it's through the innovation of the newest and most life-like androids or a top-secret neural network that can threaten the existence of humanity itself, all Cyber City technology is first developed in a state-of-the-art Research and Development laboratory.

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Add a tech-filled lab for your heroes to call home and deadly factories where AIs slowly take over the internet with the CyberCity R&D Tiles pack! PVGames continues their CyberCity series with another tileset, this time offering more than 2,500 tiles to turn rooms and hallways into a busy research and development laboratory.

Build spaces for your heroes to upgrade their weapons and armor at tables filled with tools, medical rooms with healing tanks and high-tech hospital beds for injured party members, shoddily built factories in warehouses that are building killer robots, and more with this pack!

Each tile comes in 8 directions to make building your perfect parallax map even easier, so you can put workstations against every wall in a room even if there are diagonal walls and make it so that a room filled with the same type of boxes won’t feel like a box was just copy-pasted over and over. Turn a grimy room into a tactical base of operations with wires criss-crossing the floor and large monitors displaying info next to bulky computers that are lit up with floodlights, or create a villain’s base that’s full of pieces of androids scattered carelessly around and handwritten notes that reveal the canisters on shelves hold a neurotoxin that will enslave every human in the city if your heroes don’t stop it! No proper sci-fi or cyberpunk game would be complete without a laboratory full of sterile test rooms and dangerous technology, so make sure to grab the CyberCity R&D Tiles pack!

This asset pack contains more than 2,650 tiles to create impressive and high-tech laboratories and other technological developmental areas.

Content: More than 2,650 tiles (*Please note that the tiles in this pack are not formatted as tilesheets. They are all individual PNG graphics.)

* Android pieces
* Interior building pieces such as walls, floors, and stairs
* Furniture befitting the theme, such as work stations, benches, beds, chairs, cabinets, etc
* A variety of machinery and equipment
* Bottles, beakers, etc
* Boxes, barrels, and other containers
* Conveyor belts and robotic arms
* Miscellaneous tech pieces including cyberware, arbor experiments, and more
* Display panels and computers
* Doors, electrical boxes, generators, pipes, turbines, and other building add-ons
* Laboratory prefabricated clusters of items for quicker map setup
* Science equipment such as microscopes, monitors, centrifuges, etc
* Cryotanks and cyberware implanting devices
* And much more!

These tiles are fully compatible with all other PVGames tiles from the RPGTools line of assets. They mix particularly well with the Doomsday assets.

Click here for PVGames entire unique DLC collection!

Terms of Use:

This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
OK to be used in Commercial projects
Contents can be edited
OK for use in games with gore
OK for use in adult-rated games

CyberCity R&D Tiles
CyberCity R&D Tiles
CyberCity R&D Tiles
CyberCity R&D Tiles
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