Elemental Fury Animations Pack


Bring the fury of the 4 elements to your game with this animation pack!

Now in RPG Maker's standard style. The power of Wind, Earth, Fire and Water on each frame of these animations, on your hands!!!


- 32 unique animations.
- Animations based on the 4 elements (Fire, Water, Wind and Earth).
- Some of the animations will look like an evolution from the previous (good for "evolving powers").
- Rendered at 15 FPS to match RPG Maker's FPS.
- Included animated gifs for a fast previewing outside the RPG Maker editor.
- Included a animation data file for an easy copy and paste setting.
- Included some tutorials on how to set up the animations (if you're a newbie)

 * This pack contains the same designed animations content as Pixelated Animations Pack Vol.2 but without the pixel effect

* Compatible with VX Ace, MV and MZ

* Click here for Bis's growing collection of DLC!

Terms of Use:

* This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
* OK to be used in Commercial projects
* Contents can be edited
* OK for use in games with gore
* OK for use in adult-rated games

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Elemental Fury Animations Pack
Elemental Fury Animations Pack
Elemental Fury Animations Pack

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