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Emotions of Battle - Retro BGM

Music and Sound
Commercial Maker only
Maker use only

Fill your retro-inspired game with energetic battle tunes with Emotions of Battle! Vanilla has crafted 6 chiptune BGM tracks to help your game’s music match the rest of its aesthetics. Have upbeat chirps and beeps titter in the background while your players’ face off against pixelated monsters in forests and meadows, while more focused and fast-paced melodies play during dangerous boss battles to remind your players to give it their all. Each track is distinct so your game’s different areas can have their own theme, or mix and match them depending on how low your party’s health is getting.

Of course, battles aren’t the only place you could use these tracks! Keep the excitement up when exploring dungeons with these toe-tapping tunes, or switch to one of these tracks after a while in a cave to remind your players that they have a world to save and can’t spend hours mining for diamonds. Or give your game set in a modern city some fun music to play when in the mall’s arcade or gaming shops.

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This pack’s music comes in multiple file formats so you can quickly and easily add it to your favorite RPG Maker engine and make playtesting even more enjoyable with these exciting tracks playing. So if you’ve been wanting to give your battle music a chiptune makeover or just want to give certain areas of your game a more retro vibe, pick up Emotions of Battle!


  • 6 Battle Themes
  • Files in .m4a, .ogg formats

Terms of Use:

  • This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series ONLY
  • OK to be used in Commercial projects made in RPG Maker ONLY
  • Contents can be edited
  • OK for use in games with gore
  • OK for use in adult-rated game

Emotions of Battle - Retro BGM

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