G3: Travel Music Pack

Music and Sound
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A quick jaunt through the fields or an epic adventure? G3: Travel has your musical needs covered!

G3: Travel Music Pack

Give your heroes a song to march to with this travel inspired music resource pack for RPG Maker.

Created by Gyrowolf, this pack contains 10 high-quality themes. Ranging from classic RPG inspired sonatas to guitar-backed BGMs; Taking your adventures from the mountains and seas, all the way to the clouds and beyond!

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  • 5 Field BGMs containing themes inspired by a wide variety settings.
  • 5 Transport BGMs created for all kinds of scenerios. Boats, animal, rockets, you name it!
  • Each song was carefully crafted for RPG Maker, and loops seemlessly in the program.
  • MP3, OGG and M4A formats
  • For use in RPG Maker Series only

G3: Travel Music Pack

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