Music and Sound

Give your valuable scenes some fitting music with Hainuwele!

This music pack from ayato sound create includes 24 BGMs that mix instruments with electronic beats and rhythms to make tracks to cover a wide array of scenes, from heart pounding battles to relaxing village visits and even twisted reveals of who is truly friend and foe!

This pack includes multiple audio formats for each track so you can easily add it to your favorite engine. Give your heroes’ origin stories some stellar BGM with the Hainuwele music pack!

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  • 24 royalty free songs
  • ogg, m4a, mp3, wav and looping ogg file formats included

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Terms of Use:

  • This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
  • OK to be used in Commercial projects
  • Contents can be edited
  • OK for use in games with gore
  • OK for use in adult-rated games


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