little murder case

Music and Sound

Matsurigami slave to convention

Every modern day story needs a little bit of pop and rock!

little murder case


Optimized for: RPG Maker MV RPG Maker VX-Ace VN Maker


If you are looking for some cool and energetic music with a good feeling vibe, "little murder case" will satisfy you with this fun and kicking 23 BGM music pack!

This music pack brings modern vibes to your game / story telling as well as themes for chases, drama, comedy, detective, heist scenes and more!

Whether you want to add a fun and pop vibe or create a sunny Mexican-beach mood for your game project, "little murder case" is an excellent asset for your growing game development library


  • 23 BGM tracks
  • Music for modern day settings, chases, drama, comedy, detective, heist themes and more!.
  • .m4a, .ogg, ogg with loop tag, .wav, .mp3 file formats are included.

Track List

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little murder case

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