Nostalgic Music Box Vol.1

Music and Sound

TK Projects brings you 22 nostalgic, soft and gentle music box sounds for the ultimate mood setting ambiance.

Featuring simple, cheerful, elegant, peaceful, sometimes dark and remorseful, many moods and emotions are covered in this versatile music pack.

Also features retro, down-sampled versions of each track for a total of 44 tracks.


  • 22 gentle music box BGM tracks for your RPG Maker game and Visual Novel Maker projects and more!
  • Music for nostalgic, calm, emotional, flash back, everyday life scenarios.
  • Also includes retro, down-sampled versions of each song for a total of 44 tracks.
  • .mp4, .ogg file formats are included

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    Terms of Use:

    * This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
    * OK to be used in Commercial projects
    * Contents can be edited
    * OK for use in games with gore
    * OK for use in adult-rated games

Track List

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Nostalgic Music Box Vol.1

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