NPC Female Priests Vol.1


Is your game’s churches as quiet as a graveyard when your heroes revive? Do you want to give your Japanese healers some verbal cues when they greet passersby? Then it’s time to check out NPC Female Priests Vol.1!

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TK.Projects newest SE pack brings us 120 Japanese voice clips to fill your churches and hospitals with greetings and laughter of the women who work there. Instead of overexplaining with messages, have a priestess sigh when your heroes need to be revived after losing a fight to a slime or let a healer chuckle if a party member needs to be healed after getting food poisoning.

12 different character voices offer up options for multiple ages and levels of belief. Have a young girl give a shy hello from her spot in a pew when your heroes walk by, or a middle-aged woman sob outside to attract your players to talk to her and start a new quest. Soft-spoken priestesses and believers can hum in thought before suggesting blessings to help in combat or cry in joy when your heroes manage to recover the town’s lost relic. Don’t give only your good NPCs' voices though! The fanatic SEs in this pack are perfect for followers of the demon lord or villains who are trying to trick townsfolk into giving away all of their hard-earned money.

Each SE comes in multiple file formats, so you can easily add them to your favorite engine without needing to edit them. Add more voices to your NPC healers and quest givers with NPC Female Priests Vol.1!


* 120 different phrases and sayings
* 12 characters, 10 SE per character
* ogg and m4a file formats included

* Check out TK Projects entire line of DLC here!

Terms of Use:

* This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
* OK to be used in Commercial projects
* Contents can be edited
* OK for use in games with gore
* OK for use in adult-rated games

NPC Female Priests Vol.1

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