NPC Male Soldiers Vol.1


Ten-hut! It’s time to add voices to more of the men in your games with NPC Male Soldiers Vol.1! TK.Projects’ latest voice pack offers you another 120 SEs to help your NPCs find a voice of their own. Give your guardsmen cheerful greetings to the people passing through city gates, let noble knights offer thoughtful advice when your heroes need it, and have the kingdom’s gruff general let out a deep belly laugh when an overconfident soldier challenges him to a fight for command!

Each character voice comes with 10 SEs covering a variety of uses, including greetings, angry shouts, concerned sighs, and screams of terror. Let the hellos and hums add some much-needed sounds to long conversations, punctuated with loud laughter or angered grunts when the speaker feels like your hero’s attention has started to wander. Or use the voice clips as audio clues for your players to realize certain NPCs have sidequests to offer. Worried sighs from middle-aged soldiers at the bar could lead your heroes on an adventure to reclaim a prized helmet, and an excited “wow” from a nervous new recruit reading a book in the barracks could start a quest to turn those young men from zeroes to heroes!

Multiple file formats make it easy to add these voices in your favorite engines and use them right away. Fill your guard posts and battlefields with the sounds of living people with NPC Male Soldiers Vol.1!


* 120 different phrases and sayings
* 12 characters, 10 SE per character
* ogg and m4a file formats included

* Check out TK Projects entire line of DLC here!

Terms of Use:

* This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
* OK to be used in Commercial projects
* Contents can be edited
* OK for use in games with gore
* OK for use in adult-rated games

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NPC Male Soldiers Vol.1

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