Paladin Dream OST Music Pack

Music and Sound
Adult game use prohibited
Editing prohibited
Gore game use prohibited

Paladin Dream OST Music Pack is the musical answer to your prayers for a religious-inspired medieval RPG setting. Hallelujah!


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HitherYon Games is proud to offer the original soundtrack from Paladin Dream to our fellow RPG Maker developers, and we hope you enjoy the religious medieval fantasy inspiration it brings to your game and experience.

Take your players on a holy and mystical journey through music composed by Matthew Myers, aka “LeetMusic”. Featuring the all the original music content from HitherYon Games title Paladin Dream, this product shines with realistic orchestral and symphonic instruments, choirs and choral singing, dreamy music boxes, and live vocal lyrical hymns. There are music tracks intended for serious and joyful religious moments, exploring towns, cities, countryside, dungeons, as well as battling unholy monsters of darkness. Make your players feel like true Paladin heroes when battling The Devil incarnate with epic vocal-driven final boss music.


* Original soundtrack to Paladin Dream (published RPG Maker game) available for license
* 24 music tracks in ogg, wav and m4a formats
* Religious medieval fantasy aesthetic with orchestral and choral elements
* Realistic instrument sample performances
* Live vocals on a heroic hymn, demonic ritual, pagan hymn, and final boss battle performed by Mioune

Terms of Use:

* This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
* OK to be used in Commercial projects
* Contents cannot be edited
* Not ok for use in games with gore
* Not ok for use in adult-rated games

Paladin Dream OST Music Pack

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