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Fill your digital cities and cyberpunk worlds with the smooth synth of PSYCHO DIVER 2!
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Ayato sound create is back with another awesome music pack, with 22 BGMs overflowing with synth and electronic instruments to set the scene in your sci-fi game. Explore city streets to the upbeat chirps and boops of ‘Food Stand’ or warn your players of possible dangers hiding in the shadows with the gruff tunes of ‘Underground Shopping Area’. Get your players’ heads bobbing with ‘Battle’s quirky beats and keep them focusing on their goal when racing through a dungeon to stop the final boss with the swift tunes and dark undertones of ‘Serenade of Despair’.

Or let your hero take a short break from their busy life by looking out at the city from atop a skyscraper while ‘The Key’s soft chimes and drums play. When it’s time to remember a memory that was long thought forgotten, have the airy piano of ‘Light’ add to the haziness of the whole scene or push for a longing of a childhood home with the soft crackle of flames and musical sounds of a kitchen paired with piano that can be found in ‘Place to Warm’.

Each track comes in multiple file formats making it easy to add into your current project in any engine. Dance along to the electronic hum and search for clues while beats thrum in your ears thanks to PSYCHO DIVER 2!


* 22 BGM royalty free
* ogg, m4a, mp3 and wav formats included

* Check out ayato sound create's entire line of DLC here!

Terms of Use:

This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
OK to be used in Commercial projects
Contents can be edited
OK for use in games with gore
OK for use in adult-rated games


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