Punk X Horrorcore Music

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Need some intricate, difficult, and face-melting music to reflect the feel of your game?  You've come to the right place: the Punk X Horrorcore Music pack! 

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This pack provides 22 background tracks displaying a wide range of punk and horrorcore music. It also contains three music sound effects.


* 22 tracks in m4a and ogg format


1 Piano Stairways (Title Screen)
2 Face Behind The Mask
3 Duck Rabbit
4 Sleep Deprivation
5 Lych Bell Executioner (Game Over)
6 Ghost On Camera
7 My Dog Ate My Zombie
8 Reincarnation (Interlude)
9 Words Make Worlds (True End)
10 Psycho-De-Lick (Battleground)
11 Nuked Roach (Victory Stats)
12 Just One Shoelace (Menu Screen)
13 Time Bomb X (Dungeon)
14 Black Jack Vs Red Joker
15 Take Your Time (Safe Zone)
16 Dizzy Rodeo (Character Selection)
17 Invisible Drugstore (Shop Screen)
18 Lych Bell Graveyard (Overworld)
19 Arcade - Drop - Atari (Puzzle Room)
20 Streets Of Sorrow (Bad Ending)
21 Eleventh Hour (Good Ending)
22 Jump Out (Hidden Ending)

Terms of Use:

This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
OK to be used in Commercial projects
Contents can be edited
OK for use in games with gore
OK for use in adult-rated games

Punk X Horrorcore Music

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