Have you ever decided to change an NPC’s name mid-development and realize you can’t remember every event where the old name was mentioned? Have you spent hours searching for the one event that keeps changing a variable when you don’t want it to? Do you need to change a script call but can’t seem to find it? Then the RM Finder is the program you need! 

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Starlit studio created this with devs in mind, knowing that we all forget things while eventing our games. Now you can search for specific things instead of just switches, variables, and event names; find the exact events where your players gain or lose items and equipment, search for where switches are used a page conditions, find wait commands in move routes so you can adjust the timing of cutscenes, and more with this program!

You can use this to search for event commands where you gain/lose items, weapons, and armors (or have them in shops), when an actor joins or leaves the party, when an enemy troop or a common event is activated, where switches and variables change or are used in conditional branches, and when specific words are used in messages, plugin commands, and script calls. 

RM Finder works with both MV and MZ projects, so if you’ve been working on your MV game for years you can still use this program to find the spots where a variable-based bug is happening. Pick up the RM Finder today and make finding those sneaky hidden switches and messed up move routes a breeze!

RMFinder can search your entire game for the following:


🍰 Items (receive/lose or sold in shop)

🔪 Weapons (receive/lose or sold in shop)

🐢 Armors (receive/lose or sold in shop)

🙋♀️ Actors (joining/leaving the party)

😈 Troops (Enemies)

📞 Calls to Common Events

💡 Switches (Conditions & set ON/OFF)

📈 Variables (Conditions & changing)

💬 Text Messages

🧚♂️ Script Calls

🏃♀️ Move Route Commands 

🚲 Map Teleports

and display on which map and by which event they're called. One could say RMFinder is an advanced Event Searcher.


Only for Windows! Requires .NET Framework 4.8 


Terms of Use:

This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
OK to be used in Commercial projects
Contents can be edited
OK for use in games with gore
OK for use in adult-rated games

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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, RMFinder
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, RMFinder
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, RMFinder

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