RPG Character Pack

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From Japanese "Musha" warriors to mystical Dragon Knight, RPG Character Pack is filled with powerful fantasy characters ready to both lead and support your party!


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But it's up to you to decide just what role they're going to play. With matching Walking Sprites, Side-View Animated Battlers, static Battlers, Facesets and Bust-Up images with emotions, you'll be able to choose if these heroes / heroines will be the party leaders or simply flesh out your world as NPCs.

Inspired by both classic fantasy elements and a modern manga aesthetic, the characters in this pack are a fantastic addition to your growing library of RPG Maker Resources.


  • 16 characters (Angel / Busho / Dark Elf / Dragon Knight / Princess Knight / Succubus / Vampire / Warrior / Witch etc.) come with assets below;
  • Walking character sprites: 16 sprites
  • Battlers (static): 16 x 13 variations each+1 = 209 graphics
  • Side-View Animated Battlers: 16 graphics
  • Facesets: 16 x 8 emotions = 128 graphics
  • Bust-Up images: 16 x 8 emotions = 128 graphics
  • BONUS: Large-scale full-character graphic: 16 graphics (3600 x 4800 pixel size)
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  • This pack is for use in RPG Makers, Visual Novel games or the engine of your choice. However, you may not sell your created game if it’s made with game development software other than the RPG Maker franchise or Visual Novel Maker.


RPG Character Pack
RPG Character Pack
RPG Character Pack
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