Versatile JRPG Music Pack

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Create the RPG you’ve been dreaming of since childhood with the Versatile JRPG Music Pack!

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Lamplight is here with a music pack inspired by the heartwarming memories of playing games late into the night and incredible moments when a game took your breath away with a shocking vista or reveal. Orchestral tracks are ready to accompany your players while your hero visits their hometown, soars across vast fields and oceans, battles monstrous foes, falls in love, and more!


With 20 BGMs to choose from you’re sure to find a good track for any part of your game. This pack also includes 10 MEs to help you replace the defaults, with stings for finding normal and rare items, gaining a new party member, resting, victory and defeat, and more! M4a and Ogg audio formats make it simple to add these tracks to your MV or MZ games, or use them in your favorite RPG Maker engine. Pick up the Versatile JRPG Music Pack and give your adventure an incredible soundtrack!


* 20 BGM and 10 ME

Terms of Use:

This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
OK to be used in Commercial projects
Contents can be edited
OK for use in games with gore
OK for use in adult-rated games

Versatile JRPG Music Pack

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