Wonderland Music Pack

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Tumble into a magical realm with this new music pack by Murray Atkinson!

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Tumble into a magical realm with this new music pack by Murray Atkinson. Wondrous, magical, whimsical and charming, this Alice in Wonderland inspired music pack is full of beautiful orchestral gems.

Drawing inspiration from various fantasy soundtracks such as the Alice in Wonderland movies, the Harry Potter series, with nods to the darker, haunted, peculiar and surrealistic style of Tim Burton movies, and a sprinkle of Disney charm for good luck. The songs in this pack vary from charming and magical themes to darker, slightly haunted and unsettling fantasy pieces. Full orchestral productions, high quality music, this pack is sure to take your game to a magical, fantastical place!


  • 12 BGM themes and 61 Music Events
  • Composed with high quality orchestral instruments
  • .M4A, .OGG, .MP3 (for listening) and Looping .MP3 formats included
  • 61 MEs including celesta, bells, chimes, flutes, harps, music boxes, violas and cellos
  • For use in RPG Maker / Visual Novel Series


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Wonderland Music Pack

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